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Wilderness Survival & Nature Awareness Program
With Guest Instructor Victor Wooten  -  2019 Dates TBA

Class Location: Wooten Woods near Nashville, TN

You will never look at nature and music the same way again!
This course will change you forever !!!

EARTH SCHOOL is going to teach you the mysteries of the natural world. Learn how to live comfortably in the outdoors, expand and awaken your senses and connect with nature using the lost knowledge and skills of our ancestors.

A Message From Victor... 

"Hello everyone, Victor Wooten here. I'm so excited to be involved in this class once again. This will be an amazing week.

Richard Cleveland has been a teacher of mine for close to 25 years now and he is, by far, one of the most efficient, passionate, and qualified instructors I've ever known. Richard and his amazing staff of instructors have helped me go further in my Nature studies and I know that they can do the same for you.

You may have heard a bit about how I've used Nature to make me a better musician." (That is the main focus of the Bass/Nature Camp.). I believe that Nature is a key factor in all we do, but most of us fail to reap the benefits of all she has to offer. Well, each night of this special week, we will have time to discuss how Mother Nature can help you and your Music. We will also be jamming quite a bit, so please bring your instruments. Once again, I am really excited about this rare opportunity and look forward to seeing you there."
Peace, Vic

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!


Here are a few things you will learn in this information-packed week...

  • How to make a quick emergency shelter that will keep you alive in below freezing temperatures. This can save your life and safeguard your family on all of your outings !
  • How to make a fire when you find yourself without matches, lighters, or other modern devices, by rubbing two sticks together . Yes, it can be done (and its easy !).
  • How to identify wild plants for food, medicine, clothing, tools, and more. You'll learn how to find food wherever you go !
  • How to move through the woods like a ghost with a simple change in the way you place your feet as you step. (This is the way you were meant to walk !)
  • How to make a simple 'shift' in your field of vision that will make you hyper-sensitive to seeing any movement. You'll be able to see animals before they see you !
  • How to interpret the 'signs' left by animals that will allow you to unravel the mysteries of their daily travels and routines. Know what animals are around without having to see them !

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Program Overview...

Earth School's knowledgeable staff will introduce you to these skills using a combination of engaging lectures, hands-on workshops, and field trips.

You'll wake up to the smell of great coffee, enticing you to join us in the dining hall for a healthy organic breakfast before we begin with the day's activities. Grab your notebook, camera, and knife as you head to the lecture hall for the first of many daily lectures and workshops that will expand your knowledge of the outdoors. You'll walk with us as we explore the woods and fields, learning plants & trees, tracking animals, gathering materials for tools & crafts, and honing your outdoor skills.

In addition to our regular staff of instructors, we are very excited to welcome back guest instructor Victor Wooten , as he joins us for this unique program. Most people are surprised to learn that this Grammy winning bass player is an accomplished outdoorsman and nature enthusiast. Victor's love for nature has been an inspiration to his life and music.

We've known Victor for many years and are honored to have taught the nature portion of his popular Bass & Nature Camp in Nashville, Tennessee, ever since his first camp in the fall of 2000. Victor joins us again to share his unique philosophy about the connection between music and nature, in addition to filling our evenings with incredible music. Be sure to bring along your instruments! Students will have ample time most evenings to jam with Victor as he shares his music and knowledge. Lots of fun!
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Class size is strictly limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Don't miss your chance! The cost for this week long course is only $845.00

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

Tuition includes all materials and meals. A confirmation letter will be sent to you upon acceptance, including a list of items to bring and directions.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Dear Friend,

Do you enjoy spending time in the outdoors?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you got lost?...Stranded?...Injured?

What if you lost your backpack?...Your coat?...Your matches?

Do you have the knowledge and skills to survive in the wild for one night?...Two nights?...An entire week?

Each year thousands of outdoorsman find themselves in these exact situations only to realize that they lack the necessary skills to provide even their most basic needs. Our ancestors had none of the modern high-tech gear that we have today, yet could survive easily because of their intimate knowledge of the natural world. Without matches, knives, GPS, plastic containers, tents, sleeping bags, or freeze-dried food, they were able to live comfortably and easily.

Nature provides everything we need to survive, and flourish, if we take the time to learn her many secrets. The basic skills of survival and awareness were common knowledge to all native peoples from a very young age. In our modern fast-paced, technology-dependent society, its easy to see how far we have distanced ourselves from this important information. Could you survive without your gear?

And what about awareness? Awareness is the key to living well in the outdoors. Awareness of your surroundings. Awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, limits. Awareness of the plants, animals, trees, birds, and more are all critical, not only to your survival, but to your enjoyment of the outdoors.

But how aware are we, really? Do we use our senses to their fullest potential? What if we told you that you never fully learned to see?...To hear?...To smell?...To feel?... Would you believe us? What have you been missing?

Get ready! This is the program you've been looking for. Join us for a week of training that will blow your mind! Held in the beautiful mountains of central Tennessee, this program will teach you everything you need to know to feel safe, secure, and in touch with the great outdoors.


Richard Cleveland
Founder & Director

Richard & Victor share the Nature Stage at Funk Fest.

More Highlights From This Class...
  • Learn to identify a number of wild edible plants , growing in your yard, that have more vitamins, minerals, and nutritional value than anything you can get in your grocery store. You walk right by them every day!
  • We'll teach you how to make rope from Natural fibers and simple, but highly effective tools from stone, bone and wood !
  • Finding safe, clean water is a problem in even the most remote, untouched wilderness areas today due to pollution, viruses, and bacteria. Learn how to purify water collected from streams, rivers, & lakes without the need for filters or chemical tablets!
  • Learn an easy technique to enhance your ability to hear even the slightest sound. Its like turning up the volume on your ears!
  • How to make a natural bowl , from a solid chunk of wood, without any tools . No carving, chipping, or chopping required! (and we'll show you how to cook in it too!)
  • Learn to identify animals from their tracks . We'll show you how to see tracks, not only in mud or sand (easy), but also in grassy fields, leafy forest debris, pine needles and even on solid rock!
  • And much, much more!

Testimonials from Past Students...

Dear Richard,

"During my incredible one week studying survival skills with Richard and Victor, I learned more about awareness, nature, survival, music and myself, than I have learned during many years of my life.  I am deeply grateful to both of them for what they shared with me and my class.  It was an exciting and eye-opening week.  I recommend this program to everyone...it has truly changed my life. PS You should see the looks I get practicing bowdrill fires in the Bronx!"

Blake Rosenthal,  The Bronx, NYC.

My visit to you in July was a great experience - I enjoyed it very much and thank you for the gift, hospitality, patience, kindness, skills and love for what you do and believe in. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to attend another nature class under your guidance. I highly recommend the Earth School experience to everyone !

I wish you the very best.

Chuck Rainey, Bass player, TX.

"Having developed no musical skills or much appreciation for music, other than what is provided on the radio, I had never heard of your guest instructor Victor Wooten. I attended the class strictly for your wilderness survival and nature awareness instruction. It was quite an experience learning bow drill, tracking and visual enhancement, Etc. directly from Richard, Victor, Seth, Brad, and Shannon. However, one of the most unique experiences for me was getting to not only listen but to be a part of the jam sessions with Victor. Such amazing sounds I had never experienced or appreciated before, especially being combined with such a generosity of spirit.

There are a multitude of things I remember and continue to draw from that I was introduced to in your class. I can't help but think it is the easy flowing atmosphere and truly interested expert instructors with their unique depth of character that made it such a fulfilling experience. The week was worth every cent and then some. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of one of your classes again in the near future."

Fred Engel, Marietta, GA.


" I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the profoundly positive effect your teachings have had on my life. As a somewhat wayward youth, I attended one of your teen camps, and was blown away by the scope of your lessons. For the first time in my life, I had been introduced to a grounded, dogma-free structure in which to explore the world around me, and ultimately, the world within. The effort I had begun to put into dropping out of high school was transformed to a motivation that had me graduated by the following January, six months early !

I attended several more teachings with you after that first, and they were always magnificent. The skill level of you and your instructors is of the highest order, and your personalized attention draws the best from your students. The confidence that comes with building your first fire with only sticks, shrubs and twigs lasts a lifetime. The sense of connection that is fostered by your awareness exercises, and the sense of self that grows and grows with each new adventure has helped put my (and many others') life in perspective; Inclusive of the natural world we all rely on.

Years have passed, but the lessons have stayed, and continue to reveal their wisdom to me. They help my daily problem solving by enabling me to be more creative and think systemically. I know that if needed, my family and I are much better prepared to live well without the conveniences we are accustomed to, no matter how severe. In these times, that is a good feeling to have... personal empowerment is everything.

This once wayward youth has now become a doctor of oriental medicine, a natural outgrowth of wilderness skills. Interestingly, in recent years, I have found myself working with national institutions to find the most effective ways to motivate and inspire at-risk adolescents to help themselves. Knowing what you did for me, I have realized that teaching confidence through competence is key. I can only hope that my colleagues and I can affect people's lives in an equally profound way. Thanks again."

Jed Michael, M.O.M., CHt., CertSM

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

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