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Earth School's In-School Program
For Students K - 12



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"My goal for school programs is to introduce students to the natural world as seen through the eyes of native peoples. Nature is perhaps our greatest teacher. Through displays, thought provoking discussions, awareness exercises, and a primitive firemaking demonstration (always a favorite), I hope to excite and motivate students to immerse themselves in nature, explore it with new awareness, and be thankful for its many gifts."

"I believe that when we truly understand and appreciate nature, we naturally respect, and protect it. In our fast paced high-tech world today, it is easy to see how we are gradually distancing ourselves from the natural world. It is my hope that "THROUGH NATIVE EYES" will help bridge that gap, and encourage us all to live in beautiful balance and harmony with the earth."

This program will empower students and help them come to the realization that nature is an important part of our lives, and that they have the power to make a difference in our world today and tomorrow.

Richard Cleveland
Founder & Director

Additional Program Details

Facilities:   Classroom or media center with outside access (for firemaking demo).

Students per session:    30 to 80

Length of Program:    60 - 70 minutes

Grade Levels:    K through 12

Fee:    $350 per day , fee for residency is negotiable, maximum 3 sessions per day.

Availability:    Flexible

Programs are designed around native cultures, but can be tailored to suit individual needs and grade level curriculum.

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