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Program Descriptions  2017 (All prices are subject to change)
   Wilderness Survival & Self-Reliance Skills
Mountain ColorsDebris Shelter

If I would recommend one class to you, this would be it! This experience is "what Survival and Self-reliance is all about". This course will give you a solid foundation in wilderness skills, heighten your awareness, and deepen your connection with Nature. "Survival is your birthright. Having the skills to take care of yourself is empowering."

You will learn: how to make fire by friction, how to make a warm shelter, to gather wild foods and medicines, find clean water anywhere, cook and preserve food without modern conveniences. You'll learn how to interpret animal sign & tracks, all about hunting and gathering, making stone tools and fiber technology (from plants and animals). Powerful nature awareness exercises woven throughout this empowering program provide the ultimate learning experience !

This is an intensely informative program, but is not physically demanding. (NO you're not going to eat bugs! Unless of course, you want to :) I guarantee you'll learn more in this one program, than you would attending several years of various skills gatherings. Personal attention and depth of instruction at this program is unparelled. "Give me a week and I'll Rock your World !!"

"Come experience and learn the knowledge of our Ancestors." Spend a week "away from it all". Your relationship with Nature will be forever changed. "I guarantee you'll never look at the Earth the same way again"...

Testimonial: "Deepest gratitude for your work and heart Richard. This week saturated me and left me with a pocketful of seeds which will find the time and place for germination in my life sooner than later. Thank you thank you." Blake T ~ Chapel Hill, NC

Dates: April 22 - 28, 2017

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

Time: Saturday 6:00 pm - to Friday 1 pm. Adults $845   (Deposit $400)        School Policies

Class location: Hendersonville, NC. Materials, meals and camping fees are included

  Wilderness Skills Weekend

This is a shortened version of the Survival Skills Week. You'll learn all the basics about Survival and Outdoor Skills, and have a great time in the process! This is a very informative program, but is not physically demanding. You'll make your first friction fire, help build a shelter, identify wild edibles, learn about safe water location and purification, make rope from plant fibers and much, much more. Simply... the perfect introductory program!

Testimonial: "Dear Richard...I simply wish to express what a blessing it was to share a weekend filled with your love and knowledge of the earth. This program was much more than advertised. Your compassion for our relationship with the earth shines through and fills me with a renewed sense of timelessness to be with all that is seen and unseen. You are a gifted steward Richard. Thank you with all my heart for your offerings." Shonna Campbell - Asheville, NC.

Time: Saturday am - to Sunday 4 pm - Meals are NOT included in this class

Dates: March 25 - 26, 2017 - Adults $175 (Deposit $100)

Class location: Near Hendersonville, NC.          

   Advanced Wilderness Living Skills Intensives I & II

This is the pinnacle of all Wilderness skills workshops. In this Advanced Skills Program, you'll get plenty of "Hands-On Experience" as you learn and complete a multitude of great projects. Your skill and confidence will grow as you immerse yourself in these amazing Wilderness living skills. Here are some of the traditional skills you'll learn:

*Survival Bowmaking     *Flintknapping     *Arrowmaking    *Firemaking    *Atl Atls    *Hide-Tanning     *Cherokee Blowguns    *Shelters    *Pottery     *Basketry     *Primitive Cooking     *Rock Oven     *SteamPit       *Food Preservation     *Acorn Bread     *Wild Edible Plants    *Fish Traps     *Fish Spears        ...And Much More !

Sign up today for this one of a kind experience ! Materials, and meals are included. Adults $845 per week (Deposit $400 per week) (Attend both weeks and save $300) >> More info about this program!

Prerequisite: Wilderness Survival Week or equivalent

Dates: November 2017 - TBA 

Location: TBA  

School Policies

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   The Realm of the Scout

The Scout Class: Stealth – Awareness - Survival - Self-Reliance
Native American Scouts were the eyes and ears of their tribes. Their highly honed Survival and heightened Awareness skills were critical in insuring the safety of their people. Join us as we re-create this valuable experience.

Days will consist of learning and practicing various skills, then perfecting them in a simulated “Real World” situation. You’ll learn how to move through the woods unheard and unseen as your Tribe moves as "one" through the landscape observing nature and neighboring tribes.
These skills are thousands of years old and can be adapted to fit any environment or situation…whether it be an urban, rural or wilderness setting.

Come join us for this incredible experience!   Reserve your spot today!

Skills you’ll learn during the week include:

   *Advanced survival skills
   *Advanced awareness exercises and techniques
   *Advanced tracking skills
   *Natural camouflage...essential for nature observation
   *Self-protection skills…enter the world of The Martial Arts**
   *Understanding the “Pulse” of the woods, allowing you to sense      disturbances and potential threats

**the Martial arts techniques taught in this class will NOT require any throws, kicks or other advanced moves but rather simple , but effective ways to escape from an unwelcomed arm grab or similar encounter. This portion of instruction will be taught by one of several guest instructors. Instruction may include Aikido, Judo, Ninjitsu, Thai Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu

**This class is somewhat physically demanding. We ask that you commit to getting yourself in shape before this program to insure a fun and safe experience for everyone. A "reasonable" expectation would be that you can jog (slowly) for 20 minutes and still be able to talk at the end of the jog

Applicants will be considered on a first come first served basis. Class size is strictly limited.

Dates:  June 10 - 16, 2017 / Adults $845 (Deposit $400)

Prerequisite: Wilderness Survival Week or equivalent

Time: Saturday 6 pm to 1 pm on Friday - Materials and meals             included

Location: Near Greenville, SC

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

School Policies

   "Back to Basics" - Homesteading Series - The Lost Art of Self-Reliance

"Family Preparedness - The GO Bag - Wilderness Self-Reliance"

Emergency preparedness is an important consideration for the individual or the family. The truth is, most of us are not only underprepared, but have NO plan for an emergency at all. Whether it be a tornado, wildfire, earthquake or just a power outage, having a solid plan just makes sense. "It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have."

What would you do if you were faced with an emergency? Would you have a place to go? Would you wait for people to help? Could you fend for yourself?...for your family? The questions and variables are endless... My attitude has always been..."be prepared for the worst" because anything less than that is "NO problem."

This class is designed to empower you and your family. You'll learn how to work as a team to handle just about anything life throws your way. I'll show you how to assemble a small to medium size backpack (one for each person), that has everything you or your family would need to take care of yourself for an extended period of time...even in the woods ! Having the skills to take care of yourself is powerful and most importantly... A LOT of FUN !! I never get tired of learning about Nature...

I've taught Survival Skills for many years, mostly from a minimalist point of view. I've bought my share of gizmos, gadgets and various gear...most of which were worthless and a waste of money. Over the years I've refined my choices to simply...what works and why. I'll show you all my top gear choices. We'll cover everything from Shelter, Water, Fire and Food to Clothing, First Aid, Personal Hygene and well beyond. I believe every member of the family should have an "Emergency, GO Bag" and know how to use it. Even a squirrel stores nuts for the Winter. "Being prepared is just SMART !"

The money you save by not buying junk, will pay for this program many times over...

Date: January 14, 2017- ( Adults $75) Coming again soon! TBA

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Class location: Hendersonville, NC

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   Axemanship Workshop

Many of us are very familiar with a chainsaw. It's raw power is amazing. But what if you had to cut wood without one? Could you do it? Do you have the knowledge and proper tools? This program will introduce you to the lost art of axemanship. You'll learn all about axes, saws, mauls and more. We'll teach you how to properly attach an axe head and make it razor sharp. You'll learn the techniques necessary to safely fell trees and turn them into firewood or timbers for building projects. Felling and cutting trees by hand will teach you a lot about yourself. It's very satisfying and great exercise!

Come learn how to be the complete outdoorsman!   Meals included.

Dates: January 2018

Time: Friday 6:00pm - to Sunday 4 pm. Adults $295   (Deposit $150)

Class location: TBA

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  Homesteading Series - Small Game Hunting for Urban-vores

Back by popular demand. I've ran seve ral of these programs the past few years with great success. Learning how to feed yourself is a powerful skill indeed !

We'll start with Marksmanship and safe gun handling. Then we'll take you into the field and show you how to Hunt small game properly. You'll learn all the basics like interpreting animal sign, choosing proper hunting locations and how to use various game calls. We'll be focusing on Rabbits and Squirrels mainly, but we'll also discuss strategies for hunting other game like Turkeys, Woodchucks and various predators.

Wild game is truly "fine table fare" and a very healthy alternative to Commercialized meat and high Supermarket prices ! You'll learn how to properly field dress animals, skin and cook them over an open fire or make amazing stews and soups ! Though students are responsible for their own food at this program, you'll get to sample various wild game dishes. This great educational experience will empower you and enrich the quality of your families lives for years to come !

****This class is taught from a very positive point of view. Respect and use of the entire animal will be stressed. ***If you plan to hunt you must have a valid North Carolina hunting license, (this may require your participation in a Hunter Safety class before your license will be issued...plan ahead !!) If not, you can be an observer. Still, there will be lots for you to learn and experience !  

Dates: Private instruction is available upon request... Call to schedule your hunt today ! Small Game Season runs from September 2017 until February 28th 2018!

Location: We use several locations in SC, NC and TN

   Advanced Shelter Workshop

This 4 day hands-on workshop will introduce students to a variety of shelter designs and building techniques. Participants will help build a long-term shelter called a Hogan using all natural materials! This is truly a 4 season shelter designed to be used with an internal fire. In fact, we'll even build a fireplace ! Participants will get plenty of first-hand experience in techniques like waddle and daub, cob, stone, thatching and cordwood. We'll be using mud, clay, grass, bark, sticks and stones...and everything else that Nature provides !

This is a labor intensive program, but the rewards will be well worth it.  Great friends and great FUN = A Great Time ! Come join us !

All materials and meals are included. No experience is necessary.  (Deposit $200) Not currently scheduled

   Family Adventure Camp

The amazing world of nature is the gift that connects us to all living things on this beautiful Planet. This fun family experience is designed to connect families to the natural world, like never before. This is a program that will strengthen family bonds and build each family members confidence and character as they explore and discover the amazing mysteries of the Natural World together. The emphasis of this program is placed on Earth living skills, a way of life that all our ancestors shared.

You and your family will learn valuable outdoor skills like firemaking, emergency shelters, lost-proofing your children, safe water collection, wild edible plants, tracking, animal studies and much more. A wide variety of nature awareness exercises are woven throughout the fabric of this course. Evenings will be spent around the campfire sharing new experiences and telling stories. We'll even have a talent night! This unique adventure will enhance and safeguard your family's outdoor experiences for a lifetime!     Come join the fun...

Testimonial: "Dear Richard...Ian & I went away with such richness and inspiration that reached deep within - a place of inner blessings. The reverance that you brought to each skill and experience was truly inspiring and filled with deep Spirit. I can honestly say that Ian had a Spiritual awakening - a vital step for our children and the future of the planet...and especially for teenagers. Our blessings to you...

~ Buffy and Ian - California

Materials & meals included. Children age 6 and under are free! ( When accompanied by an adult and older sibling ) (All ages)    

Dates: TBA

Class location: Near Asheville, NC.

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  Wild Women's Weekend

Finally an outdoor program just for Women! Many of you gals have here it is! Everyone loves the Great Outdoors, but many of us were never taught the most basic of Outdoor Skills. Self reliance is empowering! We will cover all the basics of camping and proper gear selection. You'll learn numerous survival skills and many wonderful nature awareness exercises. Learn how to set up a great camp, make a natural shelter, make fire... several ways, tie useful knots, purify water and beyond. Wild edible and medicinal plants will also be utilized and discussed in this program.

While Richard Cleveland and Stacey Phillips are the core instructors for this program. In a nutshell...we'll cover everything you need to know to feel safe and secure in the Great Outdoors... and then some... Don't miss this one Ladies!!:))

Dates: TBA - Adults $195  (Deposit $100) Attendance is limited

Class location: Tryon, NC - Meals are NOT included in this program,

Time: Friday 5 pm - Sunday 4 pm

  Teen Adventure Camp

In this program, designed exclusively for teenagers, students will develop a new sense of confidence and empowering self-reliance as they explore nature, ancient skills, and the lore of the Native Americans. Wilderness Survival Skills are the core of this program. Students will learn numerous outdoor skills, such as Primitive fire-making, shelter building, safe water purification and how to identify wild edible and medicinal plants. From here we'll expand outward and introduce your teenagers to variety of nature awareness exercises. These lessons will engage and enhance all of their senses and heighten their level of Awareness for their entire lives. Teens will come away with a true understanding and respect for nature and life in this great program.  Read more about teenage "rights of passage"

Materials & meals included. Ages 12-17

Tuition: $845 Teens

Dates: July 8 - 14, 2017

Location:  Near Johnson City, TN

Take advantage of our "Buddy Discount"... Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

School Policies

   Family Fun - Wilderness Skills Weekend

Have fun with your Family while you learn Outdoor Skills together. Families will learn a variety of valuable Survival and camping skills. Traditional Archery, Animal Tracking and Nature awareness exercises round out this weekend experience. You'll also learn about plants as we'll collect Wild Edibles for our Saturday night group potluck dinner. And of course! You'll sing songs, hear traditional Native stories, lore and tell tall tales around the evening Campfires !         Join us for a Nature-ally Fun Family Experience !

Materials & meals included. Children age 6 and under are free! ( When accompanied by an adult and older sibling ) Ages 7 - 108:)

Testimonial: The weekend stays with me, and continues to gift me in memory. Rosa and I got so much out the experience, and I wanted to thank you sincerely, from both of us. Also, I want to tell you what a wonderful teacher you are. (I have been a teacher for 25+ years, so I feel I have some street cred here when I say that.) Your manner and methodology spoke to all of us, and your humble and honest messages were, I believe, relayed in a way that resonated with young and old (that would be me) alike. I REALLY appreciate your content, style and presence. It all works. It was a rich and meaningful excursion, and we loved it! Keep it up Richard!

~ Kari Sickenberger

Testimonial: " Richard...The weekend that my son and I spent with you was grounding, inspiring, challenging, and empowering. Both he and I were moved by the deep connection with the earth possible through the skills you teach so well."

~ Corinna Wood - Red Moon Herbs

Dates: June 30 - July 2 - Adults $195 - Children $135 (Deposit $100) Breakfast and dinners are included, but families are responsible for their lunches and any special food needs...

Class location: Near Hendersonville, NC

Time: Friday afternoon - to Sunday 3pm - Limited enrollment!

School Policies

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   Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Intensive

Wild plants are everywhere! Their beauty surrounds us and we couldn't live without them. Did you know that most of the plants in your own backyard have more nutritional value than the produce you purchase at the supermarket? In this comprehensive program, you will learn how to properly identify, collect, prepare delicious nutritious meals, and make effective medicines from the plant world. Wild edibles, that we collect, will be a part of every meal. Come learn how to provide for yourself !

Traditional cooking methods will be taught as well. You'll help construct and cook a meal in a steam pit, and process wild nuts for acorn bread! If you seek a deeper connection with plants and the natural world, this class is for you. No experience is necessary.

Testimonial: "Hi Richard, I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants class.  The depth of information was more than I expected and a pleasent surprise.  The private instruction was equally useful.  We covered a lot of material and I learned far more than I thought possible in only three days.  I look forward to the next class." Tom Waddell - Las Vegas, NV.

Dates: May 18-21 & Aug 31- Sept 3, 2017 / Adults $425 ( Deposit $200 ) Materials & meals included.

Class location: Hendersonville, NC  

Time: Thursday 6 pm - to Sunday 4 pm

School Policies

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Natural Shelter Building - Family Fun!

Natural Shelter Building

Shelter is number 1 in the sacred order of Survival priorities, yet most people have never built a shelter, let alone spent the night in one. Join us for this fun shelter building experience. It's truly a valuable skill that everyone needs to know. Empower yourself, your family and lots of FUN while you're doing it!!

Things to Bring: Water, warm clothes, snacks, notebook, pen, camera (optional), the desire to have FUN! (mandatory)

Date & Location: Coming again soon! - Greenville, SC

Cost: $25 Adults or $65 per Family

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm No experience necessary.

***(Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult

   Winter Tree Identification

Winter Tree Identification

Do have an interest in plants? Join us for "A Walk in the Woods" Learn the art of identifying trees in the Winter. We'll also identify whatever edible and medicinal plants that we encounter along the way and discuss their uses as well. These plants are amazing gifts that we walk past everyday! "Come discover Nature's Winter secrets!!"

Things to Bring: Water, warm clothes, snacks, notebook, pen, camera (optional), the desire to have FUN! (mandatory)

Date & Location: January 2018 - Greenville, SC

Cost: $35 Adults

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm No experience necessary.

***(Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult)

   Wild Edible Plant Workshop

Come experience the World of Wild Edible Plants. Participants will learn to properly identify, prepare and use a variety of Wild Edibles. Join us as we collect and prepare an entire meal from Nature. Samplings will include a wild edible stir fry, luscious cooked greens, a wild salad and a yummy dessert of Wildflower fritters ! Students will also sample a variety of healthful wild teas including sassafras and spicebush !

Dates: May 6

Class location: Hendersonville, NC.

15 Participants maximum!! (Adults $75) Only $55 until April 18th!...

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. No experience necessary. All materials included.

School Policies

Enrollment Options
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   Natural Basketry

Have you ever made a basket? Most of us haven't, even though we all use them. The truth is basket-making is FUN!! You'll learn how to make a traditional egg basket you can be proud of. We'll be using all natural materials for this project... "no store bought materials" Students will learn several styles of baskets.

Dates: TBA  (Deposit $100)

Class location: TBA

Time: Saturday 9:00 am to Sunday 4:00 pm. No experience necessary. All materials are included. Adults

  Primitive Firemaking Clinic

Everyone loves a good fire. No one can resist the magic of the dancing flames. Without the ability to produce fire, it is doubtful that human kind would have evolved into the world as we know it. A variety of firemaking techniques will be taught in this program. Many clever and unique historical methods will be demonstrated and discussed as well.

This class will challenge and refine your firemaking skills. Come experience the gift of fire! You will never look at fire the same way again. No experience is necessary. All materials included.

Dates: Coming again soon! 2017

Time: Saturday 9:00 am- 4pm. Adults & Teens (accompanied w/adult) $65 each

Location: Greenville, SC

12 Participants Max


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  Bowmaking Workshop

Come learn the magic of "The Bent Stick" in this in-depth comprehensive course teaching the ancient art of bowmaking. You'll get plenty of hands-on experience as you learn how to make your own self-bow. Starting with a wooden bow stave an ending up with a beautifully functional bow is an amazing experience. You'll learn traditional Cherokee arrowmaking using our native rivercane, you'll even make and attach your own bone arrowhead ! The manufacture of bowstrings using natural & modern materials will also be covered. This is a truly remarkable program. Be prepared for long days, hard satisfying work and great rewards! A Hickory or Black Locust bowstave is included with the tuition.

Dates: TBA

Location: Near Greenville SC.

Time: Thursday pm. to 4 pm. on Sunday. Materials & meals included.    Adults $575   (Deposit $300)

School Policies

   Traditional Archery

The rich history of archery is thousands of years old. Here's a fun program that everyone enjoys!! You'll receive expert instruction on equipment selection, proper form, shooting etiquette and archery safety. We'll even hold a friendly tournament (complete with prizes!). Come experience the magic of "The Bent Stick".

Dates: Not currently scheduled, but check back often! / Private Lessons are available:))

Location: Near Asheville, NC.

Time: 10:00 am to - 1 pm. No experience necessary. ( Adults, Teens and Children 10 years & up $35 )   (Deposit $35)

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   Flintknapping Intensive

Rocks are beautiful and the ancient artifacts made from them are fascinating. If you’ve been lucky enough to find an arrowhead or even hold one, you know what I mean. Why not learn how to make your own? Let us teach you how !

In this fun informative program, students will learn how to transform stone into knives, arrowheads, and various tools. Students will be introduced to all the basics of rock-working and will learn various hafting and fletching techniques as well. With practice, you’ll be able to make true works of art. Come experience “The Wisdom of the Rocks. “

Dates: TBA

Class location: Near Greenville, SC. 

Time: Friday am to 4:00 pm Sunday. Materials & meals included.    Adults $375   (Deposit $200)

School Policies



Each year thousands of deer hides are discarded by outdoorsmen. Learn the art of making soft supple leather, from animal skins, the natural way. From start to finish, students will transform deer hides into beautiful buckskin ! Hides have a multitude of uses, and can be made into drums, clothing, bags, hats, moccasins, mittens and storage containers. The possibilities are endless!

Respect and use of the entire animal will be covered in this class. Students will also make, and learn to use an Atl Atl, a fun and highly effective Aboriginal Spear-Thrower.

Dates: Coming again this Fall - Adults $345  (Deposit $200) 

Class location: Near Hendersonville, NC. 

Time: Thursday pm. to 5 pm. on Sunday. Materials & meals included.

School Policies

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   Animal Sign Tracking

Here's a fun class to heighten your tracking and awareness skills. Join us as we explore the woods, fields and riverbanks in search of Animal tracks and sign. Learn how to read the landscape and understand how the Animals' lives ebb and flow as they relate to their natural environment. I guarantee you'll never look at Nature the same way again !  

We always find all kinds of neat things in our Tracking classes. In the past we've found the tracks & sign of deer, turkey, fox, coyote, beaver, raccoon, opossum, squirrels, various birds & amphibians and last year we found fresh Bear tracks near the arboretum !! We often find sets of Riverotter tracks too. It's really exciting to follow & interpret their trails as they play and lope down the riverbank together...pure magic ! This program is a great opportunity to get your feet wet, (pun intended) and not only learn to be more aware, but to really see & interpret nature at it's best. Join us for this weekend of Exploration & Discovery. Can only come for one day? No problem, a day fee is available:))

Time: 9 am - to 4 pm Saturday & Sunday - Adults $155   

Dates: Coming again soon! 2017

Class location: Asheville, NC.  

   Human Tracking Intensive - The Art of Seeing

Tracking is the ultimate awareness. This program is designed to take your tracking skills to a higher level. Whether your interests involve Nature Awareness, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Security or Military Applications... this class is for professionals and civilians alike.

Each year thousands of people get lost in the woods...many never return. When someone gets lost, hundreds of good-hearted people volunteer to scour the landscape to help locate the missing person or party. Unfortunately, over 90% of these well-intentioned souls have no training whatsoever. As a result, these areas often become so full of tracks and disturbances, it becomes literally impossible for even a skilled tracker to sort through this mess and find the tracks of the missing person or party. Every minute can mean the difference between life and death.

"I believe this program will enhance your awareness and expand "The Way You SEE," regardless of your previous experience. I am fortunate to have been mentored by some excellent trackers. Those experiences have opened new worlds of awareness for me. With that said... I am forever a student, always humbled, eager to share and learn more"....Richard

~Private instruction and special classes are available upon request - call for details.

Dates: Coming this August, 2017

Class location: Greenville, SC.   

Time: Thursday pm - to Sunday 4 pm. Adults $345   (Deposit $200)

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   Animal Tracking Intensive - The Animal Within

Here's a program for the serious Tracker. Most of us have been able to identify a few tracks in the mud, but that's only a small part of "The Story". We'll take an in-depth look at animal tracks, gaits and patterns. You'll go well beyond compression shapes and basic track ID. You'll learn to "become the animal."

Tracking, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful Awareness tools today! Join us as the tracks become alive and we explore and solve the mysteries that revolve around the lives of our beloved wildlife. We will likely see the tracks and sign of deer, fox, coyotes, raccoon, opossum, squirrels, rabbits and even mice. You just never know who's trail we may come across ! It may surprise you to know just how many neighbors you really have !! Come learn " The Art of Seeing ".

"I strongly recommend that students participate in this program before they take the Human Tracking course I offer, regardless of your previous experience. Simply said...If you can track animals, tracking humans becomes much easier"....Richard

Dates: TBA, 2017

Class location: Near Greenville, SC.    

Time: Friday noon - to Sunday 4 pm. Adults $275   (Deposit $150)

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