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14 Day Advanced Wilderness Skills Instructors we've had previously 

Richard Cleveland Seth Recarde Eddie Starnater Doug Meyer Greg High
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is the founder and director of Earth School, based near Asheville, NC. He is a former Lead Instructor at Tom Brown's world famous Wilderness Survival School in New Jersey. Richard has also trained and studied extensively with Charles Worsham, a gifted Tracker and teacher of life. Other teachers he has studied with include, nationally renowned Cherokee herbalist David Winston, flintknapping experts Dr. Errett Callahan and Jack Cresson, as well as bowmakers Jim Hamm and Scott Silsby.

Richard teaches programs throughout the United States and has also led programs in Australia. He has taught survival and self-reliance skills to Navy Seals and civilians alike. His Survival School has been featured on cable TV shows, local news channels and various publications. Richard has taught at The Rivercane and Falling Leaves Rendezvous and has been the lead Nature instructor at Victor Wooten’s popular Bass & Nature Camp since 2000.  He’s also been a guest instructor at Wild Intelligence in Athens GA.

During the past 28 years, Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to over 20,000 people of all ages. He is an avid outdoorsman, a hunting & fishing guide, writer, public speaker and a self-trained Naturalist.  

Richard's Vision for Earth School is to create an environment where people can learn, share and respect the many gifts of Nature. A place to grow and explore both inward and outwardly as we each walk and honor the path of our sacred journey on this incredible planet.


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Seth began practicing native and wilderness living skills when he was only 10 years old. His voracious appetite for learning and a love of the outdoors led him to read hundreds of books on nature, survival, and outdoor living. He put that knowledge to the test throughout his teens, spending evenings, weekends, and summers in the woods, refining his skill and finding out what really worked in the field. He later became a "caretaker" for Tom Browns' Tracking, Nature & Wilderness Survival School's camp in the 'Pine Barrens' of southern New Jersey, spending an entire year living outdoors in his own handmade shelter. After his tenure as a caretaker, Seth spent two years as an instructor for Tom Brown's school, teaching thousands of students the skills to survive and thrive. He has studied with a number of outstanding instructors in addition to Tom Brown, including gifted artist and tracker Charles Worsham, flintknapping expert Jack Cresson, and Cherokee herbalist David Winston. Seth is also accomplished in the design and engineering of traditional timber construction, knife & toolmaking, woodworking, welding, and computer-aided design & graphics, in addition to being trained as a Wilderness EMT.


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Eddie Starnater began spot-and-stalk hunting with his father at age ten and discovered bow-hunting in his late teens, and soon after began building his own bows, fashioning his own arrows, and completing in Traditional Archery tournaments throughout the United States. Soon after, Eddie discovered Flintknapping and it wasn't long before he was producing top-quality arrowheads, spear points, jewelry and other eccentric pieces. Over 25 years later flintknapping is still Eddie's greatest passion among the primitive arts.
As one who believes that  trial and error, experimentation, and hands-on practice are the best ways to earn any new skill, Eddie spent an entire year blowing up pottery in a primitive kiln before he began to turn out some beautiful pieces. While the story of his first braintanning experience is legendary, he has since worked not only deer and other small game, but bear, moose and buffalo, to name a few.
An avid practitioner of all aspects of primitive living, Eddie has spent many years building baskets, making salves, soaps and tinctures, experimenting with many different styles of shelters, and learning how to find, identify, harvest and cook wild edibles in every season. He has published multiple articles sharing his skills and experiences in several magazines, including Primitive Archer and Wilderness Way.
A former Hunter Safety Education Instructor for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Eddie spent over 10 years conducting workshops in Texas prior to becoming an instructor for, then Director of, Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School. During his tenure as one of "the finest instructors and Trackers I have ever had the privilege of teaching"  (TB Jr., Case Files of the Tracker ) Eddie taught primitive skills, tracking and nature awareness to thousands of students.
Wanting to return to his roots and get back to teaching in the manner in which he was taught, Eddie founded Practical Primitive in January 2007. The small-group workshops and Personal Mentoring sessions that are the focus of the school provide a unique opportunity for those who wish to learn quality skills from one who has spent the majority of his life working, learning, and perfecting the Primitive Arts.


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Doug Meyer After tour in the US Army, Doug Meyer graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he received a BA studying History and Anthropology. While attending an Anthropology class, after which he began actively practicing primitive technology under Steve Watts.
Doug's main focus is blowguns, but he has tried his hand at most types of primitive technology. Doug studied tracking and fire making with Charles Worsham and flint knapping with Dr Errett Callahan. For the past 5 years, Doug has been a teaching assistant for Errett Callahan. Doug also enjoys martial arts and holds a shodan rank in Ninjutsu where he has studied with Stephen Hayes, Dr Richard McCall and Jonathan Kingsley. Doug has been brain tanning for 8 years and has tanned 100's of hides.  


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After getting out of the Air Force, Greg became an avid scuba diver. Greg dives the black waters of the historic Cooper River in Charleston, SC for fossils. After finding artifacts in the Cooper River , he became interested in primitive technology.

Greg has studied flint knapping and pottery making from James Parker for the past eight years. He has also studied flint knapping and stone axe making from Dr. Errett Callahan.

Greg is also very interested in banner stones and gorgets and has made hundreds of these of various soapstones and slates. Greg has made boomerangs, his own self bow and even harvested a wild boar with an arrow and stone point he knapped himself.

Greg has made well over one hundred pots and pipes with a high success rate of firing. He uses raw clay gathered from the Cooper River . Although Greg focuses mainly on Southeastern pottery, he is interested in all types of ceramic. He has made numerous types of pottery, from cooking pots to his latest passion, reproducing "head pots", associated with the Late Mississippian Period of Native American history.


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